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M2S Subsea Wellheads

M2S wellheads are designed to be jack-up deployed and convert pre-drilled wells using mudline equipment to subsea production. M2S systems use POS-GRIP and “HG” sealing to provide many of the unique safety features and benefits of Plexus' other surface and subsea POS-GRIP products.

M2S benefits from the adjustable nature of POS-GRIP to enable Mudline Tieback Tools to be easily re-connected to the mudline hangers before the strings are precisely tensioned and locked into place in the high pressure subsea wellhead housing. This saves time and reduces the risk of problems, to maximise value for our users.

  • Enables conversion of pre-drilled wells to subsea production
  • Adjustable interface eliminates space-out issues for tieback
  • Can interface with any Mudline Suspension System
  • Can interface with any horizontal or vertical subsea tree

The engineering and operations team at Plexus has experience in specialised projects, and is fully dedicated to success, even for proprietary and single well campaigns. With excellent programs for training and competency assessment, combined with skill and experience, the Plexus team contributes to the smooth running of well planning, installation, operation and abandonment.