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Python® Subsea Wellheads

Wellhead equipment is critical for the safe drilling and production of subsea wells. Long term performance and integrity are crucial, due to the remote location of the wellhead. Plexus has therefore combined the safety and reliability benefits of POS-GRIP and “HG” Sealing into a wellhead system which is robust and fully tested to meet the conditions expected in deepwater and HP/HT wells.

As well as offering the highest standards in safety and integrity, the Python Subsea® wellhead is designed to be simple. Many conventional components are eliminated, resulting in enhanced reliability and fewer trips. Time savings during drilling are up to four days in shallow water, and up to 12 days per deepwater well, compared to conventional systems.

  • “HG” metal-to-metal seals provide weld quality high integrity sealing
  • Hangers are extremely simple one piece components
  • Hangers are automatically locked in place and sealed as POS-GRIP is activated
  • Packoffs, lock-rings and lockdown sleeves are eliminated
  • Hydraulic system is contained within a standard guide base
  • Standard ROV operation, similar to hydraulic wellhead connectors
  • Full mechanical lock applied after hydraulic activation
  • Fully reversible for ease of workover, side-tracking or abandonment

Plexus has a proven track record of innovation, as well as the application of POS-GRIP technology on more than 350 wells worldwide, across a variety of wellhead products. Excellent programs for training and competency assessment, combined with the skill and experience of our team contribute to the smooth running of well planning, installation, operation and abandonment.