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Tersus Mudline Systems

The Plexus range of Tersus Mudline Suspension Systems is designed with proactive well control and safety in mind. Wherever possible, all procedures are carried out under full BOP protection, which is sadly not the case with most other commercially available systems.

Mudline Systems are often thought of as cheap and simple, but significant value can be added through design details which enhance safety, create savings and reduce risk. For example, the Tersus-TRT combined TA Cap is safer to use and quicker to install than multi cap options. The Tersus PCT system has the potential for huge savings by allowing the recovery of HP/HT exploration wells, and enabling pre-drilling of HP/HT development wells.

  • High value cost savings and more efficient production using Tersus PCT
  • Surface casing riser washout without rotation of the riser
  • All interfaces are externally testable before running
  • Split cages with optimised stiffness and debris accommodation enhance reliability
  • TA Cap is installed and retrieved under full BOP control
  • Bore and annulus can be vented before pulling TA cap
  • Available up to 20,000 psi (even for tieback – see Tersus PCT)
  • USD ($) Millions potential savings and years earlier production using Tersus PCT

The engineering and operations team at Plexus has extensive experience with all mudline suspension equipment. This leads to highly reliable execution of projects, with excellent planning and communication for equipment and space-out joint preparation. Excellent programs for training and competency assessment, combined with the skill and experience of the team contributes to the smooth running of well planning, installation, operation and abandonment.