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POS-GRIP "HG" Production Wellheads

Integrity of equipment is essential for long term production wells, where many hundreds of pressure and temperature cycles can be seen throughout the life of a field. POS-GRIP “HG” Production Wellheads are designed and tested to meet worst case conditions, and provide the safest possible solution during drilling and production.

As well as offering the highest standards in safety and integrity, HG Production Wellheads are designed to be quick and simple to install. The through BOP design combined with extremely simple hangers and running tools can generate days of time-savings per well.

  • "HG" metal to metal seals provide weld quality high integrity sealing
  • Hangers are extremely simple one-piece components
  • Packoffs and lock-down mechanisms are eliminated
  • Adjustable hangers are available for tensioned casing/tubing and tieback applications
  • Hangers are easily removed even after years of production for workovers / side-tracks
  • Available up to 20,000 psi

The simplicity and high integrity performance of the "HG" Wellhead means very minimal maintenance is required during field life. However, Plexus still offer a scheduled inspection and maintenance service to meet a customer’s requirement.